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Fresh Maine Sea Scallops Price Per Pound
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Fresh Maine Sea Scallops
Fresh Maine Sea Scallops
Fresh Maine Sea Scallops
Fresh Maine Sea Scallops Price Per Pound raw
Fresh Maine Sea Scallops

Fresh Atlantic Sea Scallops Price Per Pound

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  • Fresh Maine Sea Scallops Price Per Pound are Guaranteed Fresh as the Maine ocean air or Your Money Back
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Fresh Maine Sea Scallops Price Per Pound- Freshest, Juiciest, Sea Scallops

From the various depth or fathoms of the Atlantic Ocean lay Fresh Maine Sea Scallops ready to be sustainably harvested and shipped to your door! Your customer support will spread the love to all local harvesters. Starting from the tip of southern Maine, up to the midcoast, and all the way to our "down east" Mainiacs! We want you to support beautiful drag run or bay diver Maine Fresh Sea Scallops!

Ever smelt a foul fishy smell with your seafood? Yeah that is not good! Our Fresh Maine Sea Scallops will never show up smelling harsh. It will always show up smelling as fresh as the Maine ocean air. Nobody else can make this gurantee in the entire industry, because they do not have the same secret family quality control process as us!

Secret Family Quality Control Process

We test our fresh maine sea scallops to ensure you get the best quality. A raw Fresh Maine Sea Scallop will have a salty taste and should feel sticky. If you throw the scallop at a wall, it will stick to the wall, not slide off.

We source our Scallops daily, and make sure the quality is the best possible, by handpicking a random scallop, take a bite of it raw, and make sure it has the chewy, sticky, with salty taste that a good quality Fresh Sea Scallop would have. If we bite into the Scallop and it is watery, not sticky anymore, then the scallop is no longer fresh, and we will source our Fresh Maine Sea Scallops from a different fisherman.  

Order today and enjoy the freshest, juiciest, melt in your mouth delicious Maine Sea Scallops!

Hand Picked Fresh, Wild Caught & Organic Fresh Maine Sea Scallops

We carefully select our fresh Maine sea scallops before shipping to you. We hand pick 10-20 of the freshest juiciest looking Sea Scallops per pound. There are larger sea scallops called jumbo scallops, which are tasty, but they are not as sweet as our sea scallops. There are also smaller scallops called Bay Scallops, with a slightly fishier taste. Our 10-20 hand picked Sea Scallops per pound are the perfect taste!

We ship to all lower 48 states! All orders are shipped the following business day, unless otherwise requested. Orders will be shipped overnight Monday-Friday. We strive for orders to be prompt, with passion and a "thank you for local support" in every box!

If you would like specific dates, just click on special instructions section that is located on the next page and let us know what date you would like your order.

Your Fresh Maine Sea Scallops will be freshest if consumed the day of delivery. If you are unable to eat them the day of delivery, you can refrigerate and consume within 2 days. The sooner you eat them, the fresher that they will be.

Fresh Maine Sea Scallops Price Per Pound Cooking Instructions

Baking instructions- Preheat oven to 325 degrees. Add butter to baking sheet and cook for 18 minutes or until golden brown.

Our favorite way to eat scallops up in Maine is wrapped in bacon. To do this just wrap the scallops in bacon prior to cooking them and, you can put a tooth pick through the bacon and scallop to make sure the bacon does not unfold. Bake at 325 degrees for 18 minutes or golden brown.

Seared Scallops- Heat up a pan on medium heat. Add oil or butter and cook each side of the scallop for 3-4 minutes.

Air Fried Scallops- Air Fried Scallops are delicious! We put tin foil down, butter, evenly distrubte the scallops lining the bottom of the air frier, and cook at 325 for 15 minutes.

Dipping scallops in a tartar sauce is delicious! Organic Relish + Organic Mayo will makes a great dipping sauce.

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Our Fresh Maine Sea Scallops are Extremely Limited!

To Maintain the freshness and quality of our Scallops, we can only accept the first 100 pounds worth of orders per week!

Our Seafood is Guaranteed to be as Fresh As the Maine Ocean Air or Your Money Back

100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee

Us here at Overnight Maine Lobster promises that your
lobster will be as fresh as the Maine ocean air, making you feel like you are enjoying a delicious meal in the beautiful state of Maine, or we will give you your money back guaranteed. All our seafood will be 100% fresh, and still smell like the Maine Atlantic Ocean by the time it arrives to your home. If you receive seafood that is not fresh, it has a strong smell, call us, or email us and we will refund you 100% of your money on the spot. If you do not feel as if you received the freshest seafood, we would not feel right keeping your money, so we make returns as easy as possible. We won’t even ask for the seafood back.

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